Experiential Learning

As much as is possible and appropriate, Lincoln University practices experiential learning: the process of learning by doing. In other words, we believe that the best way for you to learn and retain that knowledge and skill is to get hands-on and actually practice doing what you're learning about.

That can mean getting to work in an internship in your chosen field, going on a trip to study or perform research, or even creating something like an app, program, or piece of art. In every case, it means getting out of the classroom and applying everything you've learned to a real-world situation.

We want you to have as many experiential learning experiences as you can during your time at Lincoln, as we believe it will give you an edge in the long run and help you to succeed in achieving your goals. Some degree programs have specific experiential learning requirements, while for others, experiential learning can be used to supplement your education. In either case, these experiences will solidify everything you've studied and provide items to start building your resume so you can stand out when you begin looking for a job.

There are several departments that fall within our experiential learning program. Follow the links below to learn about each.

Contact Us!

If you'd like to learn more about experiential learning at Lincoln, please reach out to:

Sharone Jones, Ed.D.
Assistant Vice President, Student Success and Experiential Learning, Division of Student Success
Email: sjones2@zq-shop.net
Phone: 484-365-7752
Wright Hall, Room 300

Sandra Upsher-Nixon
Program Assistant, Student Success and Experiential Learning
Wright Hall Room 317